# laravel cmd tutorial:

# create project
composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel bochaterowie

# here we have working empty laravel project
# set www server to point to ./public
# test it now

# you need to create new database manualy for this project

vim ./.env
vim config/database.php
php artisan config:cache

php artisan migrate

echo "Route::auth();" >> routes/web.php
echo "Route::get('/home', function () {return view('home');});" >> routes/web.php

# now we have working laravel project with logn and register page
# test it now
# we can start working on more advanced content

php artisan make:migration name_some_changes_in_database
vim database/migrations/*.php
php artisan migrate

php artisan make:model Bochater
php artisan make:model Miasto
vim app/*.php

php artisan make:controller MiastaController
php artisan make:controller MapaController
vim app/Http/Controllers/*.php

echo "Route::get('index.html','MiastaController@indexAction');" >> routes/web.php
echo "Route::get('miasta/list.html','MiastaController@listAction');" >> routes/web.php
echo "Route::get('bochater/show','BochaterController@showAction');" >> routes/web.php

cp resources/views/home.blade.php resources/views/miasta.blade.php
vim resources/views/miasta.blade.php

# test now http://localhost/index.html http://localhost/miasta/list.hmlt http://localhost/bochater/show

# re-run last migration (don't do it after commiting to svn)
vim database/migrations/*.php
php artisan migrate:refresh --step=1

#modificating css
vim resources/assets/scss/custom.css
echo "mix.sass('resources/assets/sass/custom.scss', 'public/css');" >> ./webpack.mix.js
npm run dev
# npm run production